Ahhhh-mazingly smooth, light, major glow, and you will love the fragrance!

5 J’Zuri Body Oils

J’Zuri 24 Karat (24K) 5N1 – Ye, the ingredients of this wonderful oil helps, to exfoliate, soften, moisturize, quick-absorbing, and it has anti-aging elements that gives your skin that youthful appearance.  This is my Signature oil.

J’Zuri Bliss – Has a glossy, satiny feel.  It hydrates the body and helps you to feel refreshed.  The alluring fragrance last most of your workday.

J’Zuri Ignite – This is a Body oil for men.  Men need to take care of their skin too!  Ignite smooths the skin when used during showers, or after a shower or bath.  It has an exceptionally light scent and will blend perfectly with his favorite colon or stand alone.  It helps avoid dry skin and itching.  The secret to this oil is the honey that helps, protect, repair and prevent skin damage.

J’Zuri Pink Ice – Is a special floral blend that allows you to smell sweet and yet soft.  The smell of sweet Jasmine is the dominant floral fragrance that you will smell.  Its, rich in emollients, with a touch of vitamin E which helps to rejuvenate your skin and lighten scars.

J’Zuri Sugar & Spice

Experience the dazzling sugar crystals combined with our rich oils that will exfoliate and help clear up dead dry skin making your skin to be alive again.

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